CAI Custom Wire-Harnesses Powers Specialty Vehicles


CAI Custom Wire-Harnesses Powers Specialty Vehicles

CAI Custom Wire-Harnesses Powers Specialty Vehicles

Limousines smack of luxury and elegance. Whether it’s for a solemn event or one of life’s celebrations, limousines are the pinnacle of class. But did you know that behind that sleek exterior is a complicated compilation of wires? CAI’s custom wire-harnesses can be found in limousines and hearses across the country. In many cases, these vehicles were once standard vehicles, but to become a hearse or a stretch limousine, intricate wiring changes are required.

The first step is expanding the vehicle, but once an aftermarket manufacturer has done that, they run into a problem — how to make sure the electrical system in the front and back of the car are connected?

Enter CAI and their turnkey manufacturing of electrical custom wire-harnesses.


CAI harnesses help transmit electrical signals and power throughout the vehicle. Without an extended wiring network weaving through the elongated vehicles, limousines and hearses wouldn’t have the options for power windows, air conditioning, lighting, and dozens of other important electronic features. Our harnesses allow for safe connections that help create stable vehicles.

The electrical system of any vehicle is very complicated. But use of CAI’s wire harnesses allow any aftermarket automotive company to maneuver around geometric limitations and complicated electrical requirements in building-out, refreshing or adapting a vehicle. CAI’s wire harness fabrication services allow you to run a collection of wires through a specific, narrow area while offering protection and organization.

Our cost-effective solution begins with a customer-centric process, from design to delivery. We consider your wire application and environmental exposures when building your custom wire harness, including abrasion, moisture electromagnetic interference and more.


Since 1986, CAI has delivered custom, high-quality components and wire harness manufacturing to customers across the globe. We offer a personalized approach to every project. CAI partners with customers to create innovative products that exceed industry standards.

Whether we’re creating niche product prototypes or helping a customer turn their idea into a full production run, CAI’s turnkey manufacturing approach delivers a complete product from design to delivery. Our expertise allows us to produce efficient and cost-effective wire harnessing solutions to protect the electrical system of your vehicle. We strive to include additional value-added elements, providing you with innovative solutions to meet your electrical needs. Our personalized, customer-centric process ensures your project’s specifications are met.

For more information on why our wire harnessing process is the best fit for your company, visit the wire harnessing page or reach out to our team to start work on your custom project.