Custom Automotive Electronics Assembly & Box Build Electronics

CAI manufactures custom box build electronics and automotive electronics assemblies designed to offer optimum protection for your wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Electronic assemblies are effective in the number of purposes they can serve, from enclosing controls or house electronics and connections to protecting them in a number of potentially hazardous settings. Our custom box build electronics have been used throughout industrial spaces, the specialty automotive industry, and beyond.


Electronic assemblies can help save you on installation time and costs. CAI has manufacturing and quality control processes set in place that ensure your specifications are met and ultimate performance is achieved. Contact CAI today to learn more about the design and manufacturing capabilities of our box and panel builds.

Process Integration Capabilities | IP67, UL Certification, PCBA & More

CAI box build electronics are manufactured with superior process integration capabilities. A comprehensive list of those processes can be found on our Processes page, but they often include the potential for printed circuit boards (PCBA) and programming. Not unlike our Overmolded Cable Assemblies, our high-quality electronic assemblies can meet water-resistant specifications such as IP67, protecting the build from contact with harmful dust, as well as allowing it to perform in various moisture environments.

In addition to achieving IP67 certification, CAI’s custom box and panel builds can arrive with UL certification, or Underwriter’s Laboratory. This century-old non-profit organization is dedicated to public safety, along with the acts of testing, determining, and certifying levels of product safety.

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