Since 1986, CAI has delivered custom-built, high-quality component and wire harness manufacturing to customers across the globe. Offering a personalized approach to every project, CAI partners with customers to create innovative products that exceed industry standards. Whether they’re creating niche product prototypes or helping a customer turn their idea into a full production run, CAI’s turnkey manufacturing approach delivers a complete product from design to delivery.

In-House Manufacturing Services

Wire Harness Assembly

From high-mix, low-volume requests to high-volume and beyond, CAI is a custom wire harness manufacturer offering capabilities both domestically and offshore to support our customers’ individual needs. We recognize that every customer is different, and confidently provide all harness and cabling applications, from simple point-to-point contacts to complex harnessing and overmolding. CAI is your one-stop shop for high-capacity wire harnesses and custom turnkey manufacturing services.


Overmolding Cable Assembly

CAI is a custom cable assembly manufacturer of custom overmolded cable assemblies for superior durability, secure connectivity, and branded solutions. We work with heavy-duty materials that can assist with keeping your harnesses organized and we can design and build rugged overmolded wire harnesses. As a customer-centric wire harness manufacturer, we take pride in creating assemblies that match our customers’ specific needs, which can change based on the area in which their cable assembly is being used and the environmental factors it is likely to encounter. The cables created at CAI can be customized to protect your harnesses from heat, friction, moisture, abrasion, compression, and more.

Electronic Assemblies &
Custom Box Build

Through CAI and our partner companies, we provide high levels of process integration, including PCBA (printed circuit board assembly), metal fabrication, plastic molding, printing and finishing for subassembly, plug and play, and turnkey solutions. Our company is a manufacturer of custom automotive electronics assemblies, and customized box and panel builds for companies in industrial spaces, the specialty automotive industry, and beyond.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

With a history of providing superior electrical services, engineering staff, and diverse fabrication capabilities, CAI is a proven source for electro-mechanical and mechanical assemblies. These assemblies can be utilized in a wide array of industry-specific products, from joysticks and sensor builds to junction boxes, food service equipment, and more. We are a custom wire harness manufacturer with turnkey capabilities from overmolding to assembly.

Our Processes

In order to consistently deliver the superior products and services we do on a regular basis, CAI offers extensive process integration capabilities, largely comprised of those listed below. As a company, we continue to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers receive the perfect product at the end of their journey with us. From prototype to production, CAI will work with you to make sure your vision is fully realized and exceeds your expectations. Take a moment to review our comprehensive list of process integration capabilities and contact us about your project today.

Industries We Serve










safer work environments


Create a safer work environment with CAI’s precise wiring and harnesses. We can help you control your equipment and a reduce liability exposure. Safety Matters. We prioritize safety by creating components that work with your systems and protect your workers.  Our company can help take your industrial site’s safety to the next level. We produce wiring and harnesses that support safety functions of heavy equipment. Products include the power and signaling for safety mats and beams used around heavy equipment. If a worker is sensed or makes physical contact with the operating area of a machine, it can be forced to retract or shut down.

Robotics Industry


CAI has been manufacturing specialty products that surpass their customer’s expectations for decades. When it comes to the robotics industry — mechanically powering functions with or without a necessary hands-on human interface — we have the ability to support a variety of applications with electrical and technical interfacing. We have the proven ability to manufacture specific robotics pieces...
appliance industry wire harness

Appliance Industry Wire Harness Resource

Have you ever thought about how you are going to obtain the intricate parts you need for appliance assembly? Precision and care must be taken to create appliances that works correctly and efficiently. As a specialty manufacturer of appliance industry wire harness assemblies and cables, CAI provides you a variety of unique, customized parts to fit your needs. We manufacture parts for many kitchen...
considering outsourcing

Considering Outsourcing To CAI?

Companies increasingly fall prey to labor shortages, material and rising operating costs, and evermore complex overhead challenges with DIY in-house component assembly strategies. In times like these, considering outsourcing to a top-tier manufacturing company, such as CAI, can have many advantages that will save you time and money. CAI has been in business since 1986 and is a quality...
CAI Limo Custom Wire Harness

CAI Custom Wire-Harnesses Powers Specialty Vehicles

Limousines smack of luxury and elegance. Whether it’s for a solemn event or one of life’s celebrations, limousines are the pinnacle of class. But did you know that behind that sleek exterior is a complicated compilation of wires? CAI’s custom wire-harnesses can be found in limousines and hearses across the country. In many cases, these vehicles were once standard vehicles, but to become a hearse...

Telecommunications Safeguarded with CAI Manufacturing

We’ve all experienced it — the frustration of a dropped call, spotty WIFI or that radio station that attempts to power through static. Telecommunications, or “communication over a distance by cable, telegraph or broadcasting,” has never been more important than the present for distance communications. As consumers all over the world are learning how to work from home, shop online and effectively...

Wire Harnesses Essential for Sound Controls

It’s nearly impossible to reflect on the past 19 months and not think of the pandemic that paralyzed the world. There are few industries that felt the effects of lockdowns, closures and restrictions more than live shows, including concerts, shows and theater. According to experts, while gatherings are slowly returning, it can be more than five years until turnout is back to pre-pandemic levels....

CAI Precision is Crucial for Military Assemblies

There are few industries where precision and attention to detail are more important than military work. With wire harnesses and other electrical components necessary for numerous military designs, the ability to have a company that pulls together and assembles all components for a project is crucial. CAI produces high-quality, rugged components for various military assemblies and sub-assemblies....
OEM Vehicle Wire Harness

OEM Vehicle Harnessing for Emergency Vehicles & More

CAI is a leading manufacturer of wire harnesses for a number of applications and industries, not the least of which is the medical industry. CAI works with premium materials (including thermoplastic and other thermoset materials) and electrical connector components to create wire harnesses dedicated to the amount of protection the customers require. What you may not know is that CAI also has...

Design and Build for Rugged Overmolded Harness | AgriRobust

The Experts in Designing and Building Rugged Overmolded Wire Harnesses We wanted to share a recent story with you about how one of our clients experienced success with the implementation of a new custom overmolding process we're calling AgriRobust. We were approached by the design team of a Fortune 500 agricultural leader with a request to partner with them on a project for a high-tech,...


CAI’s domestic and offshore capabilities are a perfect blend for my client’s unique and dynamic custom cable requirements. They handle fast turn or blanket orders. They’re excellent communicators, provide great service, aggressive pricing, and aggressive lead times.  They check all the boxes!

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CAI’s development support and production turnaround of the ruggedized over molded harness assembly, enabled the on time and successful launch of our recent supply system.  Thank you all!!


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