Why It’s Wise to Trust an Expert for Your Custom Box Build and Module Sub-Assembly Needs

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Advantages of Working With a Specialist to Create Ready-to-Use Custom Box Builds and Module Sub-Assemblies


Box build assemblies, or “box builds” and module assemblies involve the arrangement of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and/or other electrical components in a protective “box,” or enclosure, to form a complete system that’s ready to use in its intended application.   

Box builds and module sub-assemblies are electromechanical assemblies which range in complexity from simple (e.g. fitting a terminal block or printed circuit board into a small enclosure) to complex (e.g. building a fully integrated electromechanical system that requires many components and processes). From medical equipment to industrial control panels, box builds and module sub-assemblies are an extension of many cable and harness assembly solutions. 

There are countless different types of box builds and module sub-assemblies, each with different materials and parts and varying degrees of assembly required. Common box build and module sub-assembly components include cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and any mix of connectors, batteries, enclosures, fans, and attachments. The box builds and module sub-assembly production process includes the design and manufacturing of the mechanical boxes, integrating the PCBAs, installing the enclosure and cables to the PCBAs, and performing specified criteria testing.

If you’re in need of box build or module sub-assembly solutions and have been manufacturing them in-house or buying off-the-shelf products, you may instead want to consider the benefits of partnering with an experienced manufacturer like CAI who specializes in just what addresses your needs — especially when looking to scale volume production. An integrated box builder and module sub-assembly manufacturer can provide not only PCB fabrication and assembly but also mechanical and hardware assembly services. 

What are some of the top advantages of going with a box build and module sub-assembly specialist? 

Reduced Costs  

A quality manufacturer should have the cutting-edge equipment as well as the best materials and integrated capabilities to customize your box or module build so it performs exceptionally in its intended application. Having those resources all at the ready and the expertise to use them optimally, while ensuring efficiency through every step of the process, should lead to lower overall money and time spent on your end. Even when that manufacturer doesn’t have the necessary tools or material on hand, they know where to get it, often with more competitive prices, thus reducing the project’s total cost.   

Expert Assistance

Whether you need help designing your box or module build or expert guidance on the right materials or processes to use, it helps to have true specialists working on your critical systems, given their importance as well as the commitment and funds you’ve invested. You don’t want to be halfway through your project or even have a completed product, find out it isn’t the product you wanted, then not only regret your decision but also have to start over from scratch. That’s a lot of time and money down the drain. 

Quality Assurance

While different manufacturers have varying degrees of capabilities, a “one-stop” cable assembly shop should have most, if not all, it needs to manufacture your cable assembly from start to finish, including design, production, delivery, and — just as important as every other step — quality assurance.  

A manufacturer must rigorously follow quality control procedures during box build and module assembly. After a board has been prototyped and assembled and before the enclosure is added, it must undergo functional testing and checked to make sure it complies with all relevant regulations. After production, to ensure that the box build or module will work as intended, end-product testing involves putting it to the test in a real-life environment. 

A trusted and experienced manufacturer can save you money while offering the know-how and quality assurance your custom electrical systems deserve. You should never have to worry about wasted time and resources or get left with a low-quality product when dealing with true experts. 

For 35 years, CAI has provided superior cable assembly, wire harness, and component solutions for various industries around the globe. Contact us today for all of your custom box build and module sub-assembly needs.