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Harness Assembly

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As detailed on our Wire Harnesses page, CAI designs and builds wire harnesses customized to meet the needs of our individual customers, including specialty vehicle harness assembly. These harnesses are built from premium materials and arrive with additional cosmetic options, including wire printing. Read more about our Wire Harnesses and get started on your custom wire harness today.

Cut / Strip / Terminate

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CAI provides cut/strip/terminate services that start with wire cutting, stripping and continue into wire and cable termination, as well as supplying termination connectors. Our wire cutting and stripping capabilities include blunt cuts, end cuts, wire slits, wire strips, and wire cutbacks. We use a combination of hand crimping and machine crimping, in order to achieve the most efficient and secure method of termination or connection.  CAI applies termination connectors that include quick connect, ring terminals, and ferrule terminals, as well as spade and fork terminals.


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As discussed on our Overmolded Cable Assembly page, overmolding allows us to utilize injection molding to combine wires and connectors into a seamless, single piece. We customize these pieces to meet your specifications and intended application, as they can be used for commercial and communication purposes. We offer specialty vehicle cable assembly, among other services. Visit our Overmolded Cable Assembly page and help us get started on yours today.



Put simply, Printed Circuit Board Assembly consists of soldering electronic components to a printed circuit board. In addition to programming, CAI has integrated these assemblies in specialty vehicles, light panels, and more. During the PCBA process, we are capable of utilizing both surface mount technology (SMT) or through-hole mounting.


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Potting involves fully filling an electrical component or housing with compound options to aid in the resistance of shock and vibration, as well as the complete exclusion of water, moisture, and corrosive agents. Potting has been used to equip plugs, cables, wire harnesses, connectors, control units, sensors, circuit boards, and more with additional chemical, environmental, and waterproofing protection. For this process, we use a number of compounds, including epoxy, silicone, and urethane.

Vacuum Forming

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CAI utilizes vacuum forming and thermoplastic molding to perfectly form plastic according to your project specifications. Our molding and forming capabilities also extend to providing vacuum form coated finishes.

Specialty Finishing

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CAI provides specialty finishing on many of our custom products in order to give your product the cosmetic sheen to match its superior functionality. Our company utilizes in-mold ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) to create specialty surface, finish, and color options. Additional finishing capabilities include, powder coating, anodizing, water transfer, high resolution and large format printing, pad printing, hot stamp, PVD (physical vapor deposition), laminate, etched, protective, and high temp finishes.

Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing

Throughout the prototyping process, CAI utilizes Faro 3D scanners and other premium equipment to bring your designs to life. From there, we are able to complete mechanical and electrical testing to ensure your product achieves the functionality you desire. Through 3D printing and other processes, we can present our customers with a testable prototype prior to production.

Metal Casting & Formatting

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CAI utilizes premium metal casting and forming services to bring your design to life. Our casting capabilities include aluminum and zinc die casting, investment casting, stampings, CNC machining, and welding, as well as water jet and laser cutting.

Injection Molding

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Injection molding is the base for our Overmolded Cable Assembly services. It is also commonly utilized for our assembly and kitting services. CAI injection molding, in mold part decoration, insert molding process experience can be found in commercial, residential,  and  industrial applications including, specialty automotive, aerospace, as well as lawn and garden applications.

Ultrasonic Welding

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We utilize ultrasonic welding capabilities to ensure your wire harnesses arrive equipped with the precise functionality you require. Our company is capable of performing a variety of welds (including aluminum wire welding, copper wire welding, and wire to terminal welding), in addition to wire splicing, end splicing, and inline splicing.

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