Reasons to Partner With CAI for Your Custom OEM Cable Assembly or Wire Harness Needs

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What a Quality Original Equipment Manufacturer Like CAI Can Bring to Your Brand’s Custom Electrical Projects

An original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, is a company that manufactures a product to be sold by another company. These OEM products are typically created to be an integral part of a larger system and crucial to its performance. For instance, OEM cable assemblies and wire harnesses are made to transmit power and data to and between electrical devices. 

CAI is an experienced OEM that specializes in manufacturing electrical systems, such as cable assemblies and wire harnesses, for other companies who then integrate them into their own products which are then sold under their own brand names.  

Able to support all volume types, CAI is a fully integrated manufacturer with over 35 years of experience providing OEM solutions for a wide variety of industries including harnessing for emergency vehicles and cable assemblies for the medical industry. Talk to us today about the vision you have for your electrical product and we’ll tell you how we can help. 


Custom OEM Assembly & Harness Options

While one client may come to CAI with their exact design and materials laid out in advance, another may come with a less developed idea of what they need, seeking the extensive knowledge and skills of an experienced manufacturer to help guide them in the right direction.

CAI takes into account a number of different factors when building a custom electrical system, including each individual project’s custom specifications and using the materials and processes to precisely meet them. Every component within an assembly or harness is chosen purposefully and with effectiveness, safety, and cost in mind.  

There are thousands of customizable options for OEM wire harnesses and cable assemblies, and a top-quality OEM like CAI will offer you numerous categories to customize when designing yours, including: 

-Conductor material and size

-Connector types

-Insulation material

-Filler material 

-Shielding material/type

-Jacket material


-Supportive processes (e.g. heat shrink tubing, overmolding, etc.)

Custom OEM Assembly & Harness Applications

Electrical systems are vital to every industry, but they wouldn’t be able to operate without the use of cables and harnesses to carry the power and signals. OEM cable assemblies and OEM wire harnesses are created for a range of applications and use in a variety of different industries, including: 








-And more

OEM Quality Assurance 

When trusting an OEM to take care of your custom manufacturing needs, you want to make sure they have the experience with a commitment to excellence and precision. From simple to complex projects, CAI not only proactively anticipates issues but also quickly addresses and solves problems should they arise. 

CAI offers the latest technology and machinery as well as the most up-to-date processes to ensure the job is done as correctly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. Our engineers and technicians undergo rigorous training and extensive education. 

Before heading into full production, we’ll create a prototype to be reviewed by the client and thoroughly tested under its intended conditions. It’s built to the exact specifications, complying with many different standards including those specific to the industry and location involved. After production, we put those cable assemblies and wire harnesses through another series of operational tests to ensure functionality and product integrity. 


CAI excels at understanding their customers and their customers’ markets to build proven, custom-tailored, quality systems such as OEM cables and harnesses under strict manufacturing guidelines. We’ll guide you toward making the right choices so your products will perform optimally in their intended application and environment. Reach out to our experts with any questions you may have and to discuss your OEM electrical component needs, or send a quote request.