OEM Vehicle Harnessing for Emergency Vehicles & More

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CAI is a leading manufacturer of wire harnesses for a number of applications and industries, not the least of which is the medical industry. CAI works with premium materials (including thermoplastic and other thermoset materials) and electrical connector components to create wire harnesses dedicated to the amount of protection the customers require. What you may not know is that CAI also has proven experience in specialty vehicle applications and providing solutions that are integrated into OEM vehicles serving a professional purpose, such as emergency vehicles, limousines, hearses, truck bodies, and more. Our wire harnessing capabilities can support low-to-mid volume high mix production solutions for OEM specialty vehicle applications.

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Applications of Wire Harnessing for Specialty Vehicles

Wire harnesses are a core element of any vehicle’s technology; they are the backbone connecting digital components to each other or to other elements, such as the engine or chassis, as well as supplying module and panel devices with electrical power. Wire harnesses have become critical to vehicle efficiency and safety; imagine how the simple malfunction of any given system can impact an everyday driver, and now consider how much more critical that becomes when the vehicle in question is used in an emergency setting.

Specific applications where CAI has experience providing OEM vehicle harnessing include electronic control mounting, housings, bezels, frames, panels, and display modules. To create connectivity within crucial pieces and components, CAI has a number of various fabrication processes that wind up supporting more than just the harnessing and wiring needs of OEM vehicles. Some of the specialty vehicles CAI supplies regularly include (but are not limited to):

  • Work Trucks
  • Fire Engines
  • Ambulances
  • Limousines
  • Hearses

There was a time when wire harnesses for a specific vehicle model were identical for each vehicle of that model manufactured; these harnesses would include wires for all possible applications, regardless of whether that application correlated with or was embedded in the specific vehicle at hand. Some automotive manufacturers still build their harnesses this way, but CAI prefers to do things a little differently. CAI assists in developing custom design OEM wire harnesses to include only the necessary wires applicable for the given vehicle needs. CAI promotes this not only to optimize valuable space in the vehicle, but also to consider the importance of weight in the vehicle – thus considering its fuel consumption, emissions, and ultimately, the space utilized.

Other Fabrication Services for OEM Vehicles

CAI offers a number of fabrication services that support vast applications for specialty vehicles, from can-bus interface, display, and control panels to interior low voltage accessories, including (but not limited to):

  • Dash Assemblies
  • Display Panels
  • Plug and Play Harnessing
  • Interior and Exterior Vehicle Lighting
  • Interior Vehicle Controls
  • Hinge Boot Wire Ways

From necessary display panels for commercial trucks and vehicles to plug and play harnessing that keep your vehicle’s stereo or lighting organized, CAI has the wire harnessing experience to customize the perfect harness for your OEM vehicle.

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Learn More About CAI’s Wire Harnessing Capabilities & Fabrication Processes

Regardless of your application or need, CAI has the expertise to produce the most cost-efficient and, most importantly, effective OEM vehicle harnessing to protect the wires in your work or emergency vehicle. CAI is also capable of a number of value-added processes that often set us apart from the competition, including overmolded cable assembly for specialty vehicles. Visit our Wire Harnessing page to learn more about our harnessing capabilities and reach out to see how we could improve your OEM vehicle today.

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