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The Importance of Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies in Automation & Robotic Systems

The Importance of Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies in  Automation & Robotic Systems

Features & Benefits of Robotic & Automation Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses


From the vehicle assembly floor to the surgery room, automation and robotic systems play an integral part in the production and operation of some of the greatest modern necessities that enhance our quality of life. 

While many use the terms interchangeably, robotics and automation aren’t exactly the same, although their electrical needs and benefits are similar. Whether a chatbot or an answering machine, automation involves self-operating systems that perform tasks typically performed by humans, via software. 

A subcategory of automation, robotics centers around the combination of hardware and automation software to interact with the environment in human ways such as “seeing,” sensing, and making decisions, with varying levels of autonomy. This encompasses everything from aerial drones to robotic surgical assistants. Both automation and robotics are broad categories and coveted for their precision, speed, and absence of human error. 

As with most high-tech devices and machinery, the wires and cables that carry the data and power to and from them play a critical role in their performance and reliability. Custom robotic and automation cable assemblies and wire harnesses are specialized products manufactured to meet a client’s specific requirements and unique application.  


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Due to the nature of the industry, there are a number of features and benefits you should expect from your robotics- and automation-supporting electrical components, including:


High Performance

Crafted to accommodate high-speed and high-bandwidth applications, robotics/automation wiring components are typically top quality and configured with a great deal of technological skill. With robotics in particular, it takes an intricate network of wiring and cabling of the highest standards to meet the stringent high-performance demands.



When one minute of downtime in a manufacturing plant can result in tens of thousands of lost dollars, reliability is obviously a high priority when it comes to many of these types of electrical systems. The materials and components used — such as the proper cable shielding and connectors — as well as expert craftsmanship all combine to make sure these harnesses and assemblies perform reliably under specific conditions. 


Time eventually takes its toll on even the best-made electrical products, but the right materials, design, and manufacturing process goes a long way in helping them perform reliably for a long period of time. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies have to not only withstand the wear and tear of frequent movement but also potential environmental hazards including moisture, extreme temperatures, and chemicals. 

Experienced manufacturers know how to build them to withstand the rigors of daily use. Wrapping cables and wires in tight units, harnesses and assemblies are uniquely designed to offer better protection and relieve strain— overmolded cable assemblies in particular. Better durability and longer lifespans save money and hassle in the long run.  

Improved Organization

When not contained by an assembly or harness, wires and cables can be harder to find, repair, and match with their connection ports. Harnesses and assemblies make it easier to label and distinguish one from another, while cleaning up the clutter that can present unsightly messes or even safety issues. Better organization makes for easier accessibility, installation, and quicker maintenance when the time comes.   


Offering everything from ultra-reliability to enhanced organization (i.e., wire-labeling and wire coding), well-made wire harnesses and cable assemblies are an essential part of today’s high-tech electronics world.

For robotics, automation, or any industry involving complex cable assemblies and wire harnesses, trust CAI’s highly skilled technicians to help you specify, design and manufacture your product with the accuracy and quality your project demands. Reach out to CAI today with all your electrical wire and cable needs!