4 Big Reasons to Outsource Your Custom Manufacturing Needs

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Partner With a Quality Integrated Manufacturer for Best Results


Whether your business needs a custom plastic part, wire harness or overmolded cable assembly manufactured, it may be tempting to do it in-house, hoping to save time and money while avoiding the hassles of dealing with outsiders. Unfortunately, the very opposite is often the case.

If you take time to really crunch the numbers and consider all the factors, you’ll likely find that doing it yourself is more costly and less efficient than outsourcing. Likewise, partnering with an experienced integrated specialist could very well improve your product as well as your bottom line.

Here are four big reasons to trust your custom manufacturing needs to outside experts:


1. Expert Craftsmanship

If you don’t have the know-how and equipment to do the job, then you should absolutely consider outsourcing. Even with a moderate degree of understanding and experience on the subject, it’s still best to rely on experts when dealing with electrical or mechanical components which demand a great deal of precision and safety considerations.

You risk not only producing inferior products when you attempt it yourself but also spending more effort, time and money trying to source and then get it right. A quality specialist has superior equipment, expert skills and up-to-date insight on the best practices, giving you peace of mind knowing you have the right team to produce the best finished product possible.

Experts have quick response and flexibility to provide custom support. A seasoned team can often provide more creative solutions for achieving the customer’s design. With years of experience in producing a vast number of product solutions for a breadth of market applications, experts are able to provide the value of design and development assistance while at the same time considering overall manufacturability, material and labor cost optimization, and quality assurance.


2. Maximum Productivity

A top-caliber manufacturer features a wide array of process integration capabilities that allows them to do everything your project entails more efficiently and inexpensively than you could do in-house. This results in quicker turnaround times, greater quality control, a more seamless experience, lower overhead, and an all-around better product.

Working together with known and certified experts and material sources, utilizing specialized tools, capabilities and materials for your custom job, an integrated manufacturer makes sure your project goes from one process to the next as smoothly as possible for maximum productivity. Meanwhile, as specialists, they’re typically structured to produce at scale, so you’re not limited in the scope and volume of your project.

Offering extensive integration capabilities and experience allows for the on-time delivery of superior custom products and services that consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

From prototype to production, CAI works with you to make sure your vision is fully realized. Talk to us today about your unique project needs.


3. Reduced Costs and Resources on Your End

Additional space, administrative costs, cutting-edge equipment, inventory for materials and tools…the costs and resources needed to do it yourself can add up quickly. That’s not to mention the challenges of maintaining your properly trained staff, keeping up with the cost and regulatory increases in your industry’s wages and benefits, and on-boarding new employees. Processes like wire harness assembly and PCBA manufacturing require specially trained hands and often certifications if you’re going to do it properly.

At the same time, doing it yourself may be distracting you and your business from doing what it does best. Outsourcing allows you to take some of the load off your shoulders and devote more space, time and resources to perform your business’s core functions. Your reduced operating and overhead costs will let you put that money toward other business needs.


4. Equipment Upgrades + Maintenance = Not Your Problem

Manufacturing equipment and tools are often not only expensive to acquire but also costly to update and maintain, especially machinery that deals with intricate processes involved in electrical or mechanical projects. High-tech equipment requires routine expert maintenance and can be prone to failure when overly or improperly used. Downtime, or an unplanned stop in production, leads to lost revenue.

Meanwhile, technology advances rapidly making some equipment obsolete, meaning you’d have to replace what you already have if you want to keep up with the most up-to-date processes. Dealing with equipment upgrades and maintenance can be a big hassle as well as leave a big whole in your wallet. Outsourcing can take those concerns off your mind to let you focus on other business at hand.


When you consider these four big reasons to trust your custom manufacturing needs to outside experts, it’s easy to see how outsourcing can be a great move for your business to make and save time, money and hassle compared to doing it yourself.

At CAI, we do all we can to make your outsourcing experience as satisfying as possible, by providing expert craftsmanship, maximum productivity, the best tools for your job, and integrated capabilities for all volumes. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help.