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Custom Overmolded Cable and How It Can Improve Your Assembly

Custom Overmolded Cable and How It Can Improve Your Assembly

 Custom Overmolded Cable Assembly Benefits & Options

Designed to provide optimal protection of your electrical circuitry, an electrical cable assembly is a set of electrical wires or cables wrapped in a single insulating sleeve often made of thermoplastic, vinyl, or thermoplastic rubber. Unlike wire harnesses, which are typically housed internally, cable assemblies must deal with external environmental factors, such as the elements, human tampering and extreme temperatures. Consequently, cable assemblies need to be constructed of much stronger and more durable materials.

Aimed at improving the performance and versatility of your cable assembly, custom overmolding is the process that uses specialized injection-molding machines to mold plastic or rubber over cable assemblies and their connectors, conforming to custom specifications such as dimensions, weight, and structure that best accommodate future usage needs.

Benefits of Overmolding

Allowing you to choose just the right materials and options to fit your specific application, overmolding offers optimal protection and durability for your cable assembly. Here are some of the many benefits you can get from custom overmolded cable, depending on the customization options you choose:

  • Enhanced flexibility & strength — Add extra support (especially at connection points) by enhancing the cable’s ability to withstand pulling force/tension (pull/tensile strength) and provide strain relief.
  • Impact resistance — Protect against the effects of constant shock, vibration and abrasion.
  • Water resistance — Shield assemblies from water/moisture and improve IP certification (a standard rating system used to determine the level of protection an electrical casing offers against water/dust).
  • Chemical resistance — Mitigate chemical damage caused from acids, gasses, and more.
  • Better insulation & Isolation — Guard against factors that could cause electrical interference or hazards.
  • Tamper resistance — Encapsulate the assembly to help prevent human tampering.
  • Desired aesthetics — Enhance appearance by reducing clutter or adding colors, logo, or brand name.
  • Easier identification and installation — Simplify the installation process by creating a one-piece assembly that reduces risk of human error.
  • Improved ROI — Save time and money with streamlined production by experienced professionals, creating more reliable, durable solutions.
  • Countless customization and branding options

Have questions about your specific custom overmolded cable assembly needs? We’re here to help.

Overmolding Customization Options

One of the biggest advantages of custom overmolding is the wide variety of options and configurations available so you can fine-tune it to fit your needs. Key overmolding elements you can customize include:

  • Material — Choose from multiple thermoplastic options including thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
  • Exit Point Design — Prevent damage at connection points where most movement occurs by choosing a straight, right-angle or custom design for just about any exit point alignment you need.
  • Process — Choose from insert molding, multi-material molding (MMM), low-pressure molding or your own custom overmolding process.
  • Color — Match or compliment your brand colors, cable jacket, or equipment.
  • Logo/Name Placement — Brand your cable assembly with your company logo/name.
  • Attachment Hardware — Insert flanges to help connect attachment points.
  • LED Indicator Lights — Locate bad connectors easier and reduce repair time.

For more details on customization options and how the experts at CAI can help you improve your cable assemblies through high-quality custom overmolding, click here.