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The Experts in Designing and Building Rugged Overmolded Wire Harnesses

We wanted to share a recent story with you about how one of our clients experienced success with the implementation of a new custom overmolding process we’re calling AgriRobust. We were approached by the design team of a Fortune 500 agricultural leader with a request to partner with them on a project for a high-tech, bio-friendly feeder system. The client needed a rugged component that would hold up in close proximity to livestock. Concerns existed around the ability to withstand power-washings as well as accommodate flexible system configurations – the exact kind of conditions custom overmolding is made to withstand.  As experienced experts in design and build for rugged overmolded harnesses, we were the right team for the job.

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About AgriRobust, Durable Custom Overmolding for Harsh Environments

Along with the client’s product design firm and end-users, CAI helped to create a custom overmolding we now refer to as AgriRobust. AgriRobust is a highly rugged connection solution that has proven successful in diverse harnessing applications and holds up in harsh environments. In addition to the extensive field trials underway, our clients enjoy significant cost reductions through CAI’s automated assembly, process improvements, and efficient turnaround – something we take pride in during every project we work on.

“CAI’s development support and production turnaround of the ruggedized over-molded harness assembly enabled the on-time and successful launch of our recent supply system,” said PIMIOS of Cranberry Township, Pa.

The next time your project calls for a custom solution designed to meet the demands of a challenging application or environment, let’s connect. We’d love to hear what type of projects you’re working on.

Rugged Wire Harness Assemblies for Aerospace, Military and Agriculture Uses

CAI has the capability to design, and manufacture wire harness assemblies with precision and reliability.  We can overmold cables and wire harness assemblies with a range of materials, that maximize the function of the product whether that function is extreme durability, or extreme efficiency.  Our custom designed and built wire harnesses and cable assemblies can deal with friction, deal with moisture,  or withstand heat.  We can build to nearly and specification including those like MIL-PRF-5425

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