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Considering Outsourcing To CAI?

Considering Outsourcing To CAI?

Companies increasingly fall prey to labor shortages, material and rising operating costs, and evermore complex overhead challenges with DIY in-house component assembly strategies. In times like these, considering outsourcing to a top-tier manufacturing company, such as CAI, can have many advantages that will save you time and money.

CAI has been in business since 1986 and is a quality manufacturer of harnesses and cables. We have the existing infrastructure and the processes set in place to be able to regulate and perform tasks without the additional hassle that most companies without such infrastructure face. Considering outsourcing to CAI can lower the overhead costs for your company; CAI is here to take on the workload so you can focus on your company.


In the current economy, outsourcing to CAI can be a desirable option for your company. CAI is the cost-effective solution in the current harsh economy. We have the ability to handle and manage inventory, be your labor source and lower your overhead costs, all while understanding your company’s needs.

CAI offers greater efficiency with our ability to build and help manage your inventory, and mitigate material supply problems. Our company accomplishes these important goals while providing the manpower to get jobs done quickly. CAI wants to be your solution to these problems.

Plus, we’re damn nice people.

Here at CAI, we have the resources you need. Our networks, partnerships, and our portfolio of work and sister companies, ensure that we can insource your projects and complete them to your service and interest. CAI can reduce the costs and stress of labor shortages, rising material, operating, and overhead costs, inventory, management, healthcare costs and more. Let our company do what we do best, all to your benefit.

Do you need a solution? Let us be your solution provider.