Wire Harness Medical Industry Trends

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CAI has been operating and supplying custom parts that support wire harness medical industry trends for years. The demand for telehealth services and robotics automation has grown, resulting in a greater need for custom wire harnesses and assembly solutions that meet the new demand. CAI is the silent contributor to the success of these trends, providing your solution to manufacturing requirements.


Telehealth services are extremely important, especially since the COVID outbreak. Physicians can communicate in real-time with remote areas using video and audio connections. This is an amazing advancement, especially for local, remote doctors’ offices who need to communicate with niche specialists. Learn more about the benefits of telemedicine.

CAI provides rugged cabling for headgear, as well as standard and custom data and audio connectivity for headsets and video equipment manufacturers. WE are standing behind the telehealth movement, providing secure connections so everyone, no matter their location, has the right and ability to talk with a physician.


Wire harness medical industry trends are changing constantly, and CAI is here to help meet those evolving requirements. CAI supplies high-tech assembly solutions which can be found in an array of medical devices. From diagnostic automation and coronary imaging to essential equipment that supports critical purpose immunoassay, hemostasis, molecular and urinalysis and more, you can find CAI wires in them all.

Furthermore, CAI wire harnesses are durable and can be built with biocompatibility — material choices which are compatible with living tissue and react neutrally when exposed to the body. We work with companies to identify, form and assemble components that provide the necessary compatibility.


Robotics are now more prevalent in medical environments. CAI provides custom wires and harnesses for robotic surgical systems and other robotic systems. We have the ability to produce mechanically integrated coils that expand and retract to assure smooth movements in equipment. Their connections are rigid and secure during the variety of movements for which
robotics are known.

Although robotic surgical systems may come with high costs, CAI works with companies to create robotic pieces that are custom manufactured to do specific jobs without error at a most economical cost. CAI is dedicated to customer-centric business ethics, with the intention of exceeding your expectations with cost-saving solutions.


Since 1986, CAI has delivered custom, high-quality components and wire harness manufacturing to customers across the globe. Offering a personalized approach to every project, CAI partners with customers to create innovative products that exceed industry standards.

Whether we’re creating niche product prototypes or helping a customer turn their idea into a full production run, CAI’s turnkey manufacturing approach delivers a complete product from design to delivery.

Our expertise allows us to produce cost-effective wire harnessing solutions in most any medical project. This allows us to understand the idiosyncrasies of your detailed plans and why following your process is so important. We prioritize meeting your project’s every need, through a personalized process focused on you.

For more information on why our wire harnessing process is the best fit for your project, visit our wire harnessing page on our website or reach out to our team to start work on your custom project.